Monday, April 12, 2010

Seven Deadly Sins - Scott

Seven Deadly Sins
Scott Capener
8 "postcards"

Cover : featuring a statue of Lucifer

Closeup of Gluttony (It's made of food)


Greed: I'm going to add some more to this one to make it look like it came from a dollar bill

Envy: going to fill in more scrollwork around the letters

Others still in varying stages of development:
Pride - huge imposing helvetica black
Wrath - some kind of spikey blackletter
Lust - appears like a ribbon
Sloth - lazy typography with color paint drips coming from the top of the page


  1. I'll put the rest up as they come together a little more...

  2. a lot better variance going on. On the greed, make sure you get that "greenback" green when printing (assuming you're going for that).

  3. I think this looks like a much better direction for you. I love love gluttony. Good job!